Gdansk – a place where I was born, where I grew up and made my first steps into the adulthood. A lot has been written about it - this city keeps intriguing me and will never stop doing it.
If Gdansk was a person it would be for sure a glittering with beauty and inteligence woman. Why? Because as each woman Gdansk has got thousands of faces:

  Fascinates with a very rich, 1000 years old history - let me just tell you about a christianising journey of St. Adalbert to Prussia in 997, when he also came to here and baptized in Gyddanzc plenty of people; the membership in the Hanseatic League, the elitist union of merchants from the Baltic and Nord Sea or the beginning of the Solidarity in the year 1980.
  Moves with plenty of romantic stories about tragic love, bravery and wisdom of worldwide known people of science, who were born here.
  Attracts with the richness of nature and care for the green areas. What is more the city is bikers-friendly, what really makes me feel as in heaven. 

And it still opens for NEW
Dreams about new highways.
In its thoughts already jumps in the Motropoly Train. 
It develops and .. becomes day after day more pretty.

I say Sopot and I see a sandy beach at warm summer nights, next to the longest wooden Pier in Europe.  
I say Sopot and in my ears I can hear the last concert of "The Red Guitars" in the Forest Opera, where I was as a little girl with my parents. I can still remember waving an umbrella according to the rhythm of one of the songs - "It is still raining".
I say Sopot and I imagine my first steps on snowboard. What a wonderful view there is at the top of Łysa Góra! The whole world seems to be lying under your feet!
Sopot is also a delicious tea and a very yummy apple cake at the hidden for the tourists eyes "Art Deco" cafe as well as unique New Year concert At the "Gwiazda morza" church.

And Gdynia?.. a rebellious teenager... She looks provocatively at her older friends from the Metropoly - she is ambicious, develops quickly and acts dynamic at the European scene - she was even awarded by the European Board.
As a Gdansk citizen I have to claim that Gdynia was for many years unknown for me. I got to know her because of . love. There are plenty of magic, sentimental places in this city for me. To the end of my life I will remember the very end of the Southern Pier, where the centre of the city meets the sea, is opened for what is unknown and for the modernity. 
Kamienna Góra is not only a vantage point to me, it is also an evening meeting place for lovers, who want to ask stars and heaven for happiness..
I could not forget about one more very special place - it is the Pomerania Science and Technological Park. For this investment I give Gdynia a five! PSTP is a way to the future, the investment in young and talented people with dreams and initiative. And EXPERIMENT - something for the youngest. You can touch, feel, taste, smell the "big" science. Someting definitelly not to miss!


But saying the Three Cities Metropoly I mean not only Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia. It would be a sin to forget about Rumia with a wonderful cactus collection of the Hinz family, about Reda where many bike tours start, Wejherowo - the spiritual capital of Kashubian region with over 300 years old Sanctuary or the Hel peninsula with Jastarnia or Jurata - heaven of windsurfing amateurs, the sport that everybody should try!    

And to the south there is Tczew with a captivating bridge from the XIX C, very pretty old market and the XV C frescos at the Rising of the Cross Church.  And the medieval castle in Malbork where till now you can still feel the spirit of the Theutonic Knights.

I invite you warmly on unforgettable trips!

Katarzyna Korzeniowska